Ground Station Competition - CONTACT 2020

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CAT - 1: Weather Satellite images (NOAA/METEOR)
CAT - 2: CubeSat Telemetry


The competition lasts 3 months (until October 31, 2020) and participation is FREE!


All participants will become part of the Inter-continental Aerospace Command


WCRC Credits, TSC Discounts and GeekSpace Inc Coupons to the top 3 winners


Ground Station Competition - Contact 2020

WCRC organizes this competition as an inter-competition during the pandemic and is associated with the regular World CanSat/Rocketry Championship. You don’t have to be an antenna expert to be a winner. Just send us your best design and collected data, and we’ll evaluate it according to the competition rules. Even if you don't become a winner, you will become part of the Intercontinental Aerospace Command (ICAS Command). We can accept only one entry per person or per team (of a maximum of 3 persons), so choose your category wisely. Don’t wait too long, though. The deadline for application for participation in the competition is August 10, 2020! The competition lasts 3 months (until October 31) and participation is FREE!

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Competition Guidelines

Entry Categories

CAT I - Weather Satellite images (NOAA/METEOR) (CAT I)
CAT II - CubeSat Telemetry

Entries Must Include:

  1. 1. Drawings with dimensions (hand drawings are not acceptable)
  2. 2. A list of materials required to build the Ground Station(Antenna, Receiver)
  3. 3. Photographs of the installed Ground Station and Antenna
  4. 4. Collected data
  5. 5. The entry category you’ve chosen for your design, your name, postal address, and e-mail address

  6. Note: Only one entry per individual or team will be accepted.

Final Submissions

Please send your submissions to wcrc.world@gmail.com.
In the subject line, add your call sign (if any) and the word "CONTACT2020". When using e-mail, the total sizes of all attached files must not exceed 1 GB. Please use Google Drive folder link as attatchments. Do not send compressed Zip files, as these will be rejected.

Judging Criteria

All entries will be reviewed, and the most promising entries based on quality of image, TLE etc. will be evaluated by eminent scientists from ISRO, WCRC, IARU. Winners will be chosen based on categories and performance as predicted by the Judges, as well as durability, as well as the number and quality of data collected.

Takeaways and Prize

  1. 1. All participants will become part of the Intercontinental Aerospace Command (ICAS Command)
  2. 2. First-place winners, individuals or teams, in each category will be published on the WCRC website and will go directly to the World Finals of the regular World CanSat/Rocketry Championship without the need to participate in a Continental CanSat/Rocketry Competition.
  3. 3. TSC Credits - Rs. 10,000
  4. 4. GeekSpace Labs - Rs. 7,500

  5. Disclaimer:By participating in the competition, you are verifying that you are: 1) or the owner and producer of the designand that no third-party ownership rights or patents apply to your design. (excl. SDR’s) and 2) or you have permission to use existing equipment owned by the radio club, etc.